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Q1:學校特色School Features
A1:1. 強調台灣精神 Emphasize Taiwan’s Spirit:品德Morality、禮貌Courtesy、文化修養Self-cultivation。
     2. 塑造獨特的孩子 Shape unique students。
     3. 一個班裡有多國孩子,在同樣的環境成長,學會尊重多元文化。 There are many nationalities of students in one class.
         These students learn and grow together, they experience cross-cultural exchange and learn to respect the
         differences and uniqueness of the cultures.

Q2:學校願景 School Vision
A2: 1. 自信品格 Build a confident character in every students
      2. 接軌國際,英文科目從國小開始採用劍橋系統進行教學;期望學生找到自我價值。We are using the Cambridge English
          Curriculum for all forms. We hope that students are able to find their identity.

Q3: 師資 Teachers
A3: 1. 80%以上來自台灣,專業科目、輔導等專業訓練,具師資證照 More than 80% of our teachers are from Taiwan and
          they have professional training and teacher licence
      2.英文教師具教學經驗,以英文為母語 English teachers are native speakers of English with rich teaching experience

Q4: 學校制度 School Institution
A4: 1. 本校為外交型學校,非國際學校。We are diplomatic school but not international school.
      2. 擁有台灣政府補助,優先錄取台灣籍學生。Taiwanese government supports the school. Taiwanese students have
          the priority to enroll as our students.
      3. 十二年國民教育之完全學校 12-year Basic Education
      4. 一學年分為兩學期,學校假期為寒、暑假。One school year has 2 semesters. School holidays are winter vacation
          (end of January to February) and summer vacation (July and August)

Q5: 課程規劃 Curriculum
A5: 1. 全部採用台灣課程:12年國教,8大領域 Everything here follow Taiwanese curriculum, 12-year basic education,
          8 learning fields.   
      2. 高中更有物理化學,地球科學,中外史地 Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, History and Geography of China and
          the world for Senior high students   
      3. 配合教育部開設許多特色課程(台灣政府規定教師要有跨領域創課能力) Have a variety of extra courses (Taiwanese
          government will ensure the teachers are able to do cross-culture teaching)
      4. 課後輔導/才藝班:4人以上就開班,與老師協商,可於4:30~5:30進行興趣課程或課堂課程的輔導。Tuition and
          talent classes are after school from 4:30-5:30, class will open when there are more than four participants.
      5. 家長志工計畫Volunteer plan for parents
      6. 成人班課程 Courses for adults
      7. 上課時間為星期一至星期五,六日並沒有上課,除非需要補課 School days are Monday to Friday. There are no class
          during weekends, unless to make up for the missed classes.

Q6: 教學特色 Teaching Features
A6: 1. 關懷式的輔導管教、個別、團體輔導,並沒有打罵教育。Caring counselling for individual or small group of students.
          Corporal punishment is forbidden in school.
      2. 國小兩年換一次級任導師,依據成長階段、性格、不同身心靈年齡等,因此會進行老師的切換。Change homeroom
          teacher every 2 school years for primary classes.
      3. 初中(國中):三年都是同一位導師。Homeroom teachers will be same for 3 years for 7th-9th Grade students.
      4. 國中:訓練獨立Train their independence for 7th-9th Grade students
      5. 高中:自我管理 Train their self-management for senior high students  
      6. 學校班級數少,每班人數也少,因此每位學生的表現機會、上台機會都很多。Each and every student has many chances
          to do presentation and go on stage.
      7. 推廣閱讀教育,圖書館有大量來自台灣政府補助中文書籍及英文書籍。本校學生的家長也可以借書。Promote reading in
          school.There are many Mandarin and English books in the school library.Parents can welcomed to borrow our
      8. 本校成績可以轉換成本地計分方式。The academic transcript can convert to local school grading system.  
      9. 訓練標準中文,注音符號教學從小一入學就開始,小二後轉學生可以透過課後輔導學習 Teach traditional Chinese. Learn
          the phonetic symbols as Bopomofo from Primary 1. Students transfer from other grades can learn it from
          tuition class.
    10. 學校校方有IPAD設備可以供老師帶領學生在課堂上使用School provides iPad to assist teacher’s teaching and aid in
          students’ learning.

Q7: 直升與畢業標準 Standards of graduate
A7: 1. 成績單沒有名次No ranking on academic transcript
      2. 品德最重要Morality is the most important thing
      3. 小六升初一6th grade will go straight to 7th grade:看小四到小六的學期成績。We will take into consideration their
          4th -6th grade academic transcript.
      4. 各國都承認文憑。School’s certification is acceptable across the world
      5. 畢業證書Graduation certificate:成績過關就會有證書As long as it fulfills the requirements, students will get the
      6. 高中Senior high department:學年學分制,沒過都需要重修。It’s a credit-based system. If failed any subject, have
          to retake the course.
      7. 若想轉校去國際學校If transfer to other international school:申請學年成績單即可,但國際學校會有轉學的英文考試Apply
          for the academic transcript and prepare for their English test.
      8. 台灣教育部規定高中部不能留級,只能重補修(利用課後等等,需自費補課)No relegation for senior high students, according
          to the Taiwanese Education Department.Students can take up tuition lessons to improve their grades.

Q8: 升學 Further study
A8: 1. 用華僑身分參加僑考(考台灣學制內容) Participate in the Entrance Exam for Taiwanese University as oversea Chinese
      2. 申請歐美澳大學用英文成績申請,在校成績要優秀 Students can apply universities in the US, Europe or Australia by the
          academic transcript provided by our school.   
      3. 升學管道眾多,台灣政府也有給獎學金、獨立招生等等機會 There are many ways to apply for university. Taiwanese
          government provides scholarship and individual enrolling chances.
      4. 本校輔導室提供升學輔導諮詢 Counselling office will provide information for further study.
      5. 僑考一年一次,僑考身份參加海外聯招僑生有兩次報考機會。The Entrance Exam for oversea Chinese students will be
          held once a year. Oversea Chinese students have 2 chances to sit for the exam.
      6. 僑生考試分三階段報名Three sessions to register for the entrance exam
        (1.) 推薦入學(學校推薦) Enrollment by endorsement (recommendation from school only):9月every September
        (2.) 個人申請(看在校大考成績)Application for individual (based on the academic transcript):11月 every November
        (3.) 僑考(聯合分發)Entrance Exam 1~2月報名,4月考試,5月放榜 Register in January to February, sit for exam in April,
              announcement of result in May.

Q9: 學校規定 School regulations
A9: 1. 希望家長配合校規 Hope students and parents abide by the school’s rules and regulations
      2.中小學有紙本聯絡簿(未來會採用電子化) Every grade 1-9 student owns a homework record book (to be replaced by
         school email or academic system in the future)
      3.請假請注意:學校重大活動不接受事假 Attention to those who applied for personal leave: Personal leave won’t be
         accepted on major school events.
      4. 7:45到校;16:15放學,沒有校車 Arrive at school at 7:45am; school ends at 16:15, there is no school bus. 
      5. 鞋子顏色不拘 There is no restriction on the colour of shoes.
      6. 自行準備書包 Bring your own school bag
      7. 可以帶手機,進入校門之後就必須關機直到放學 Students are allowed to bring mobile phones, but they have to switch
          it off until the end of school

Q10: 臺校的限制School Restriction
A10: 1. 繁體中文,沒有教學漢語拼音(只有打字課會有基本教學) The school uses traditional Chinese, we do not teach Chinese
            Pinyin (only teach Chinese Pinyin during computer typing class)
        2. 不協助學生考UPSR,SPM & STPM or O/A level,家長須簽同意書 We don’t assist students in the preparation for exams
            like UPSR, SPM, STPM or O level.Parents have to sign the consent form.
        3. 沒有任何宗教課程,亦須簽立同意書 We don’t have any religion course. Parents also have to sign the consent form.
        4. 不強調馬來文教學We don’t emphasize on the BM course
        5. 無法直升本地國民型中學、國立大學,須簽立同意書 Students can’t apply for local government high school and
            government colleges or universities.Parents have to sign the consent form.
        6. 制服、飲食沒辦法配合宗教School uniform and food can’t adhere to the religion
        7. 沒有適當的環境與師資接納特殊學生 We do not have a proper environment and teachers for exceptional students

Q11: 註冊程序 Process of Registration
A11: 1. 入學評量:進行入學測驗,繳交報名表、資料、幼稚園學經歷/成績單等(須主動預約測驗時間)
            Entrance test: sit for the entrance test. Hand in the application form, personal
            documents, portfolio of kindergarten or academic transcript of previous school
        2. 公告錄取名單及寄送繳費單,補上未繳資料 Announcement of the final application result. School fee
            will be emailed together. Submit leftover documents.
        3. 公告備取名單及寄送繳費單 Announcement of the waiting list. School fee will also be emailed
        4. 滿六歲才可以做入學測驗 Only students above 6 years old are accepted to sit for the entrance test.

Q12: 幼稚園和國中小的差異Difference between CTS and CTSK
A12: 1.幼稚園與中小學是獨立分開,並沒有完全直升。 Kindergarten and Primary-Secondary school are of different system.
           Kindergarten students cannot enroll primary 1 directly.
        2.幼稚園部分採用馬來西亞體制,中小學採用台灣學制。 Kindergarten follows the Malaysian curriculum, but Primary-
           Secondary school follows the Taiwanese curriculum.

Q13: 住宿申請Dormitory
A13: 1. 初一/國一以上可自由申請,小五小六可能須經過考量評估。 Secondary students can apply for dormitory.Primary5 and
            primary 6 students have to undergo evaluation.
        2. 住宿費用額外計算,於每學期註冊時與學費一起繳交。 Extra charge for dormitory, pay together with the school fees per
        3. 住宿費用包含三餐Dormitory fee includes all three meals   
        4. 宿舍以4人一間,包含衛浴,有冷氣和風扇4 students are sharing in one room. There are shower room, air conditioner
            and fan inside the room.   

Q14: 飲食狀況 School lunch
A14: 1. 學校有餐廳,供應師生午餐,學生在教室一同用餐 School conteen provide lunch for teachers and students everyday.
            Students will have their lunch inside their classroom.
        2. 學校網頁公告每月菜單 We post the monthly menu on the school website.
        3. 訓練小朋友帶自己的餐盒,裝自己要的份量 We teach the students to bring their own lunch box and pack only the
            portion they need.
        4. 早晚餐自理(住宿生含上課日三餐,住宿生兩周一次有假日餐點) We do not provide breakfast and dinner except for
            students who stays in the school dormitory.For students staying in the dormitory, the school canteen provides
            meals every alternate weekend.
        5. 學校提供素食餐點 We do provide vegetarian food

Q15: 學生組成的成分、比例Proportion of students’nationality
A15: 台灣60~70%、馬來西亞籍10~20%、外國5~15%位左右 Around 60-70% of Taiwanese, 10-20% of Malaysian, 5-15%
        of other countries

Q16: 學費 School fees
A16: 1. 學費包含課本(台灣教材)、午餐(自備餐盒) The school fee is included of textbooks (from Taiwan) and lunch (bring
            your own lunch box)
        2. 每學期繳費一次,一年有兩個學期 Make payment for the school fees every semester. There are two semesters in a
            school year.
        3. 制服&運動服額外購買 Extra charge for school uniform and sport shirts
        4. 學校網頁-入學資訊裡面有公告費用 School website – school fee is stated in the admission information

Q17: 6月入學報名後,是上哪個學期?After registration in June, when will the school start?
A17: 臺校是9月開學才是第一學期,與馬來西亞不相同,因此需家長自行衡量銜接上的問題。 School will start the first semester in
        September. It is different from the Malaysian system. Parents have to be aware of this.

Q18: 學校有跟其他學校有些互動、交流、教學?Does CTS cooperate with other schools?
A18: 在地日僑、韓僑等都有足球籃球等運動合作,也有學科上的合作 We have joined football and basketball matches with Japan
        and Korea schools in Malaysia.

Q19: 如果有考慮先申請本地華小呢?還是可以報名嗎?
         If we consider to apply for the local Chinese school, can we register for CTS as well?
A19: 可以,一樣要等滿六歲,5月招生,配合學校的報名流程、入學評量,家長可自由選擇就讀哪間學校。 Yes. Once the student is
        above 6 years old, you may register. Registration opens in May. According to the process of enrollment, parents are
        free to decide on which school to enroll.

Q20: 學生可能須補英文的狀況是?What is the likely reason that students need to attend the English tuition?
A20: 1. 強調讓孩子多閱讀去學習英文 Encourage students to improve their English ability by reading.
        2. 現在補英文的原因是學校有開放考到證照後的獎學金 Our school now provides scholarship for students who obtain the

Q21: 獎學金項目Scholarship
A21: 1. 董事會 Director’s scholarship
        2. 教育部 Taiwanese Education Department scholarship
        3. 證照獎金 English certificate scholarship

Q22: 轉學生應準備事項Documents needed for a transfer student
A22: 1. 入學考試 Entrance test
        2. 面試 Interview
        3. 歷年成績 Academic transcript from previous school
        4. 本校額滿不收 We will not accept any student when the class is full

Q23: 請問學生可以辦學生簽證嗎?Can students apply for a student visa?
A23: 依據Shah Alam 移民廳的政策,凡家長在馬來西亞持工作簽證(EP I 及 EP II),學生將不予申請學生簽證,需到家長申請工作簽證的
單位申請依親簽證。 According to the policy of Shah Alam Immigration Department, if the parents hold work visas (EP I and EP II) in Malaysia, students will not be allowed to apply for student visas. They need to apply for dependent visas at the unit where the parents apply for work visas.

Q24: 駐馬來西亞代表處/大使館沒有辦法認證移民廳所需的資料,我可以怎麼處理?The Representative Office/Embassy in Malaysia has no way to authenticate the documents required by the Immigration Department. What can I do?
A24: 若駐馬來西亞代表處/大使館沒有辦法認證資料,家長可到吉隆坡翻譯中心(Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia [ITBM] / Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books)辦理文件翻譯及認證。費用不等,視文件而定。If the representative office/embassy in Malaysia cannot verify the information, parents can go to the Kuala Lumpur Translation Center (Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia [ITBM] / Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books) for document translation and certification. The cost varies, depending on the document.